SRS Signature Durian Trip to Malaysia on 13th July 2024

About 120 SRS members, their families & friends eagerly gathered for SRS Annual Durian Pilgrimage to Malaysia to savour the fresh durians from the plantation & to have a fun & relaxing day trip. Normally we'll have 2 Busload full of participants but for this year we extended it to 3 Buses due to the overwhelming response & to keep our members happy.

We left Singapore at about 8.00 am & reached Gelang Patah at about 11.00 am to have our Breakfast. Although there was a slight jam at the Causeway, we took it in our stride and savoured the variety of food provided by quite a number of foo ...
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Three Cheers of "Huat Aaaah" to SRS Signature Durian Trip to Malaysia on 13th July 2024!

SAS & SRS Bowling & Darts Tournament on 17th May 2024 @ K Bowling Club

The Securities Association of Singapore & The Society of Remisiers (Singapore) were pleased to organise this fun & meaningful event second year in a row.
About 150 members within the Stockbroking industry had great fun at K Bowling Club @ 313 Somerset. The main objective was to build stronger bonds within the industry & getting to know each other better.
Prizes were given to the Bowling & Darts Competition Winners. We had a sumptuous buffet dinner as well. Besides Bowling & Darts, members had a great time playing Arcade Games, Billiards & Karaoke as we had booked the whole facility.
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SRS 38th Anniversary AGM cum Dinner on 22nd March 2024 SRS President S. Nallakaruppan Speech
A very good evening to our VIP Guests, Members & Friends. A Warm Welcome to The Society of Remisiers (Singapore) 38th Anniversary Dinner.

It’s give me great pleasure to express my sincere appreciation to the following VIP Guests who have kindly accepted our invite :
1.  Mr Ian Chung – Executive Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore
2. Mr Luke Lim – Securities Association of Singapore Chairman & Managing Director of Phillip Securities
3. Mr Lester Ngoh – Senior Vice President of The Singapore Exchange
4. Mr Andrew Ler – Senior Advisor of The Singapore Exchange
5. Mr Cheng Khin Tin – Executive Director of Lim & Tan Securities
6. Mr Jarod Ong – Executive Director of UOB Kay Hian
7. Mr Teo Chai Sio – Deputy CEO of CGS International
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Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2024 Citation - Ms Rita Chew
1.  Born on 6th August 1933 – As of today, she’s still passionately working as a Remisier with Lim & Tan Securities at a remarkable age of 90 years.
2. She joined Ong & Company as an Assistant Dealer in 1971 supporting her boss Mrs Nancy Lim.
3. When Mrs Nancy Lim started Lim & Tan Securities, Ms Rita Chew followed her & diligently worked as a Dealer.
4. A couple of years later, Ms Rita Chew converted to be a Remisier and it has been a good 46 years passionately working as a Remisier.
5. She became a member of The Society of Remisiers (Singapore) in the earlier years of it’s formation.
6. Till today she’s diligently working as a Remisier and looks forward to coming to work everyday. She’s now serving three generations of clients who value her service.
7. The secret to her long & happy life is to keep herself occupied with what she’s passionate about and be surrounded with family &friends.
8. Ms Rita Chew is a true testament to our Government’s Active Ageing Policy. The Japanese term of “Ikigai” best describes her which means “To live life filled with Purpose & Joy”.
9. I have the pleasure of inviting Ms Rita Chew to come on stage to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award. She’s accompanied by her daughter Ms Bettina Chew.
10. Shall we all rise to give a standing ovation to this remarkable woman Ms Rita Chew. Thank you.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ms Rita Chew Thank You Message

The Society of Remisiers (Singapore) celebrated it's 38th Anniversary AGM cum Dinner at SAFRA Toa Payoh Jubilee Garden Restaurant on 22nd March 2024

About 230 Members & Guests attended this memorable event. One of the Dinner Highlights was the awarding of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Ms Rita Chew from Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd. She's still passionately working as a Remisier at a remarkable age of 90 years. The Japanese term of "Ikigai" best exemplifies her which means "To live life filled with Purpose & Joy". Wishing her many more years of a Happy & Fulfilled Life with family & friends. God Bless.

Our President Nalla presented her a Singapore Mint Golden Dragon Figurine signifying longevity with a Cash Hong Bao and Certificate.
We would like to congratulate the following Lucky Draw Prize Winners :

1st Prize - $2,000 Cash
Mr Lee Wee Yong, Jason - Phillip Securities

2nd Prize - $1,000 Cash
Mr Ng Chwee Tee - UOB Kay Hian

3rd Prize - $500 Cash
Mr Tan Jui Yak - UOB Kay Hian

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The word ‘Remisier’ is not found in any English dictionary. It is a French word meaning ‘intermediate man’. In the context of the Paris Bourse, a remisier is a half-commission broker. In the present Singapore context, a remisier is a licensed Trading Representative who is attached to a SGX member broking firm and who receives 40% of the commission. Until mid seventies, the commission rate was 50%.

The first remisiers started work after the 2nd World War with early firms such as Fraser & Co, Lyall & Evatt and J. M. Sassoon.

They dealt mainly in commodity stocks (mainly rubber and tin) which were listed on the London Stock Exchange for investors in Singapore and Malaya.

The Professional Remisier

- A Misunderstood Profession

The Business Times 28 February 2019
Letter to The Editor : Remisiers have multiple value-added roles before, after share transactions.